Sunday, June 29, 2014


This has been a hopping week. I think I'd have to ask the kids to remind me of how the itinerary went, but I know it involved five families (maybe more?), a lot of splashing-sunshine-laughing-racing, berry picking, amusement park and having fun.

And we're not done.

Here are some picture highlights.

growing wild along the perimeter

apple tree!

buddies since 3 years old

I've known these boys their whole lives


his first down the slide--unstoppable after that
she is hooked

that sky

oh, her! Love!

front row rider--now I'm hooked

she couldn't wait to drive
burnin' love--that is all

middle schoolers, can you believe it?

Now that recitals are behind us, I feel like it's summer vacation.

Yesterday, I had a few things to get for a luncheon today. We drove to a charming, historic little town to shop along their Main Street. Lanie and Shane are very much A-B people. Erin and I are more like A-A.1-A.2-A.3-A.3 1/2-B people. This was clearly displayed as we walked along the street from parking the car to get to the chocolate store. We stopped and waved bubble wands, then peeked down a few hidden alleys, touched iron gates, browsed a stained glass store, went into the cutest little shop and marveled at nearly everything, got distracted by sparkly jewelry in a window, then arrived at the chocolate store.

As far as Lanie knew, Wegman's was on next on the list. I failed to mention I wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby and Home Goods. This would have brought out wailing and gnashing of teeth from the back row.

Lanie points out Wegmans on the right. We are in the left lane. We turn left into a different shopping center.

"Hobby Lobby, Mom?" she asked. I detected disdain.

We get through that with dragging feet. Then into the car.

"Wegmans next, right?" she asked.


"You aren't going to Lowes are you?" she questioned.


Shane and I snicker a little to ourselves in the front seat.

"Well I know it's not Home Depot because you hate that store." This is true. Flashback to purple carpet incident. Boo.

"Home Goods? Really? Mom! I hate that store!"

She survived. We all did, despite being out way past the dinner hour and still having to drive home. I think I've seen it on Pinterest, this quote, "Please forgive me for the things I said when I was hungry."

Yeah, that. But not me--not this time anyway. I felt too happy.

Probably the result of lots of sunshine, and lots of friends and having fun with my family and, and, and--the good kind.


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