Saturday, June 14, 2014

On a Friday

Fridays. During the school year, it's a light-load day, always ended in the evening with a glass of wine and company around our kitchen table. In the summer, it feels like an extended weekend.

Yesterday, the day was quirky with sunshine and rain showers. Started off exercising with a friend down the road. Then I prepped a batch of lemon squares to gift to friends. We did a drive by with lemon squares and other goodies for the friend who so generously gave us their couch. (Seriously, best seat in the house. I love how it fits in the school room. Matches with everything like it was meant to be here. Perfect size for me and the kids for read alouds, afternoon naps, girl talk.)

Then we were off to David and Anita's with a plate full of lemony goodness and a hello. We did a couple of quick errands and then caught a showing of Maleficent. Halfway through the movie, Erin moves into my lap and cuddles. In all honesty, it wasn't a scary movie at all--she just likes cuddles. After the movie, we went and got ice cream--scoops for the girls and a box of coconut chocolate chip for dessert.

Linda came over last night and we grilled Wegman's delicious cheddar and bacon sliders and a side of asparagus; I cooked up some corn and put together a caprese salad with basil from our little herb garden. Linda sampled a few lemon squares afterwards, and we indulged in scoops of ice cream. She stayed a little later than usual, and I found myself wishing she would stay longer.

Smiles this morning over the delights in life. Talking about life in the woods when the cat snuck out and spent the night outside. We wondered if anything had gotten her. She is safe and resting back in the house this morning. Shane told me how he saw an owl in the driveway the other morning as he was leaving. And Erin mentioned she saw a pig in our front yard--a pig that had a straight tail. (We went outside and I wondered what we'd encounter. It was a possum. They kind of do look piggy.)

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