Monday, June 23, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5673-5696)

that he drove all that way just to be with us, and not for any other reason
he took time like it mattered
and looked me in the eyes

broccoli cheddar soup
Fuji apple salad
two little girls
Cool Whip
my grandfather John

his wave goodbye as he drove past us
a heart broken open, mine
ice cream with friends from school
the berry patch at the park
Nate and Erin

Friday night with Linda
her proclamation: I love you
how she sees happy here
chocolate chip, white chip cookies to gift away
worship at church

six dozen eggs for a big Sunday breakfast
David and Anita at the recital

his hugs
and how he always likes to remind Shane of his place in my heart
Lanie's beautiful smile as she danced

the girls trying to come to an agreement over which of them will host Friday night dinners when they're grown up

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