Monday, June 30, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5697-5735)

sunshine days
big sky
a book run to a library in the old neck of the woods
a swim date with new girls to co-op

grass cutting
woodland fragrance
blue-y shoes
berries along the perimeter
juice-stained fingers

a good dog
Christy and Kellie and their kids
lots of laughs
the blue slide

a day trip with my family
picnic lunch
cold water
front seat on the roller coaster with Lanie
hands high riding

big fluffy white clouds
a bench in the shade for me and Shane
that man of mine
Red Robin burgers after a full day in the sun
safe travels

a friend to let our dog out
a call from my dad
his happy talking
chatting Tracey

sunflowers that remind me of her
beef kabobs for grilling
lump crab on sale
blackberry cheesecake bars
a week of hospitality

snakes that scoot along
Erin's hand in mine
Lanie time chatting about life

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