Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Erin was describing the snake that crossed her path as she was riding her bike. He was black with red rings, and he opened his mouth and yawned at her.


I missed two phone calls yesterday while I was out cutting the grass. Lanie met me close to the house, holding out my cell phone. The plumber had called, and Shane did too. I called both back, leaving a message with the plumber that we were home, and talked to Shane explaining I was in the field cutting the grass.

Later, he told me that his brother was confirming my phone number for the plumber, and Shane had say, "Yeah, well, she was out in the yard cutting the grass!"

I wasn't sure if he was boasting on me, or himself. Ha!


Lanie was at an all-day rehearsal on Saturday, so Shane, Erin and I went to a couple of local places to price out wood stove inserts. We talked about different options--size, finishes, and if they removed the old stove. A salesman at one place said they would remove ours for a cost. "Or, just get a buddy to two to help you out," he said.

"I'll be your buddy!" I chirped. I pushed Shane in the shoulder playfully.

The salesman laughed. I could tell he was sizing me up.

"Oh, he knows," I said about Shane. Yard arms. Yeah, he knows. 


A dear friend came over last week to hang out for a few hours. When she got home, she told me how her daughter said she wished she could come back here the next day. Warmed my heart right up--I always want people to feel welcome (safe, loved, included) here.

I texted a friend who had asked about the day what the little girl had said, and she commented, "People always 'want to come back tomorrow' to your house!"

Big smiles.


My kids talk about having big families, maybe because they know I always wanted more kids. Erin said, "Mommy, I'll give you one of my babies. But when you die, I want it back."

I assured her she can keep all of her babies, and that I'd be happy to babysit them for her.


Riding home after lunch with my dad, I told my kids that I hope we'd always be close and not let a lot of time go by without seeing each other or talking on the phone.

Lanie mentioned she'd have Friday night dinners at her house. Erin said, "Hey, I wanted to do Friday night dinners!"

I smiled. This is something meaningful to them--when we have Miss Linda, neighbors, or other families to our house for dinners on Friday nights. It's a family time, a sharing time, over a meal. We all look forward to it. We have been doing this for nearly three years, since we moved here.

I have known Linda since 1994, but when we moved into her zip code, she became more than just my dad's girlfriend who came over on Thanksgiving and Easter. She became like family around our table on a weekly basis. I've seen her more in these three years than all the others combined.


I was outside putting chicken on the grill last Friday when Linda was here. She and Shane sat around the table and chatted. Later, he told me that Linda commented, "You two seem very happy together. You have a really nice family, and I'm glad to be a part of it."

I sat with those words for a long while. Grateful.


David and Anita came to watch Lanie dance. David sat next to me and put his arm around me. When we walked, he held my hand. He is going on eighty and holds onto people for balance. I know he loves me, and even without words, his gestures, affection and presence say it all.


There's a lot of good stuff that happens around here, and I am thankful not to miss it. I put the happy stuff, silly stuff and sometimes the thought-provoking and humbling stuff here ... so I won't forget it.

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