Saturday, July 26, 2014

At the table

Over coffee this morning, recapping and catching up with Shane.

A great night visiting with Linda; deeper talks on numbering days, of hope in hopeless situations, and she asked me to pray (how she sees faith). Her wish-list to-do in retirement.

Thoughts on seventeen years--so multifaceted.

Talking about activity and a sedentary life. Evening walks ...


Lanie and I went for a walk last night along a nearby street. We looked at landscaping (ok, I probably did more than she did), enjoyed the summer fragrance, strained necks at tall pines. She held my hand, and won't I always treasure these moments?

One house was aglow with warmth and an older couple opened doors in parting to a chatty pack of children and their parents loading them up into minivans. (I later told Shane, "I want that to be our house--Friday night dinners with our kids and grandkids and love pouring right out like that." While I felt sad my kids have never known that kind of experience with cousins and grandparents, I am encouraged that it will change with us.)

We were walking back home and I looked up in the sky just as a flying-v formation of geese passed overhead. They honked their goodbye to summer and pressed on. "You're going the wrong way! It's not even August!" I said. I looked at Lanie, "Do you think they know something we don't know?"


We sat at the table this morning over coffee and I told him how I'd have to read Table Life at least ten times to get its full depth. Page after page, I see things in a new and beautiful way, packed with meaning (and love!).

"I put little hearts next to the paragraphs I really love," I said. I usually underline, and I didn't want to underline in this book because it would look too academic. The hearts fit better with hospitality.

"You know, I don't think I would EVER put hearts next to things I was reading," he said to me.

Insert my too-loud laughing.

"It never would enter my mind to draw a heart," he continued. "Not even a hammer."

The things he would never do ... we talked about this the other day ...

"I was at Home Goods looking at baskets," I started. "Something tells me if you went to Home Goods it would never occur to you to look at baskets."

"You're right. I'd walk right past them," he said.

That day I couldn't decide on what I wanted and went back yesterday while the kids were at their last day of VBS. The basket I was looking at was gone, but there was another one there I liked even better. (Isn't that always the case at Home Goods? Every time I go there's something even better. Which is why I won't be going for a while now.) So this time I got it. I carried it out to the car and a woman nearby called out, "I like your basket!"

I smiled and thanked her.

It's a girl thing.

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