Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Exit plan

Still working on some of the last-minute touches on the office space. I considered making it Lanie's room at one point, but in an effort to keep things moving along, Shane and I agreed to make it an office.

I stood in the doorway of that room today. Lanie joined me.

"I'm rather liking this color," I remarked. Splendor--the eggshell makes a big difference.

She liked it too.

"I don't think my room would have made a good office," she said. (I agree; it's much better suited for a bedroom.) She continued, "Once I move out though, you can do whatever you want with it."

"OH MY GOSH." I stated. I picked up my eyes off the floor. Then I had to lift my jaw back into place. "I can't believe you're thinking that far away!"

Which, really, isn't that far. Not when she was born, like, yesterday. I blinked, and she's nearly twelve.

I walked away in an effort to think happy thoughts. Like Erin and the smiling puppy.

Or the love note Erin left on my bed this morning.

People: slow down.

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