Saturday, July 12, 2014

In July

raspberry picking with friends

this character


purple cone flower



Shark Attack--the wait

I said no to a lot of things this week. 

I scheduled in time to mop a floor and do (many) loads of laundry and tidy rooms.  And vacuum.
I left time open for blue splashes in the pool and enjoying fire pile and marshmallow roasting.
There was time to let a neighbor's dog out.
To watch the girls on hoppity balls in the field.
To cut the grass and grin goofy over the amazing fragrance of summer.

We said yes to things too--like having a family over for swimming and lunch. Berry picking with some friends at a pick-your-own farm. And being friend-guests to a super-fun, full day at an amusement park. (Did I mention it was super fun?)

It was all good. Even the mopping and vacuuming parts.

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