Sunday, July 27, 2014

In my heart

We finally got the desk out of the garage and into its own space. We converted an extra room into an office. Shane hung up the curtain rod in the room today. Then I had him hang a painting over our dresser in the bedroom. This prompted wanting a change in the location of the armoire. And suddenly I'm knee deep in file cabinet papers, old photos, children's artwork and cards.

I found our wedding announcement. I found lots of fun pictures of us when we were so much younger. I found the card our real estate agent had given us, wishing us happiness here. I found the original brochure for this place. I found a love letter Shane had written me when we were dating. 

"I was just upstairs reading that love letter you wrote me," I said to Shane.

"Where did you put it?" he asked. I don't imagine he'd really expect me to incriminate him with anything in it, but he seemed to consider taking it into his own hands.

"In my heart," I said. And I gave him a ginormous hug, and an even bigger smooch. I think he's more handsome than when we met.

Spending the next five weeks getting this house in order. I know, we've lived here three years and I still have boxes I never unpacked! I'm also seven years behind in scrapbooking.

Monday is the start of lesson planning, medieval literature and history. I'll be back to early rising to work on lesson planning so that I still have plenty of time for my kids. Good thing I stocked up on coffee.

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