Monday, July 7, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5736-5765)

for girls who said they didn't want to miss anything
a flag cake by a mom who went over and above because she loves to

thankful for Teena and Kelly

sisters who love, love, love
Lanie fixing Erin's hair in the morning
5740. Denise arriving early
thankful for Denise

spending a morning preparing with her
daisies on the table
thankful for these gardens and daisies in mason jars

inviting pool temps
fire piles and marshmallow roasting
an unexpected honor

her son who wanted to come back to Miss Courtney's the next day
berries along the perimeter
picking with Linda
thankful for Linda

5751. Denise for the day
how Shane said he'd like some adirondak chairs at the top of the hill because the view was nice
for sister friends who asked when they can come back
Friday night open door
windows open to birdsong

hanging out with former neighbors (Allen and Kelly)
that they (and Denise) are always the last to go
lights along the walkway
his growing affection for this place
bubbles blowing past French door views

mulch down and done
grape vines cut back
Shane swinging on the vine in the woods
an invitation for a day trip with new friends
fresh cucumbers gifted from a neighbor's garden

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