Monday, July 14, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5766-5800)

new friends over for swimming and berry picking
for a good laugh with another mom
for reconnection with old friends
the pick-your-own farm

shelter in powerful storms
Bible verses that wait for me
and that You're there holding my cup
a nice chat with Greg
his yes returning to the blog

Teena's friendship
years and years with Christy
the coffee delivery
berries on sale
an invitation to an amusement park

cold water
French fries
a Wendy's hamburger
safe travels
Shane coming to get us with an umbrella

the couple we've become
yard work
seeing Jake outside and not even recognizing him because happiness had so transformed him
texting with Helen about fire nights and promises to get together soon
plans with a sister that make my heart sing

a refocus on priorities
Sandy in the mornings to T-Tapp
Janet's kind note in my inbox
friendships through 66 Books

daisies in the garden
how You delight me with the images
field fragrance
the Holy Spirit chills

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