Monday, July 21, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5801-5826)

fat blueberries in the fridge
cooler days
a footstool to stretch my legs on
a nap outside to summer sounds
a room painted

Christy and kids over for a swim
the hummingbird feeding at the window boxes
a birthday invite for Erin
at her best friend's house, and they know how to throw a party!

daisies to frame

an opportunity to serve a friend
workouts with Sandy
fast days
lemon water
a waggy dog

family at the dinner table
Friday sangria
a picnic with the kids under a walnut tree
red and white checkered cloth

cookies in the freezer
blossoms on tomato plants
my neighbor made the plant cage for me

a front garden full of flowering hostas
purple cone flower, still

a week of VBS for the girls

the difference here makes

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