Monday, July 28, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5827-5865)

a lunch at a bestie's house

a sleepover for Lanie
an evening just Mommy and Erin (for Checkers and reading and nail painting and cuddling)
a good night's sleep

for hugs from Lanie
and Your amazing work in her heart
a fun week at VBS
those old roads
food in the fridge

safety in the storm
running into Reggie at the store
big sky
blackberry cheesecake bars in the fridge
a cleaned house

an impromptu swim with friends on Friday
dinner with Linda
an opportunity to pray for her
an invitation to a birthday brunch for David
southbound geese in V formation

66 Books
the beautiful things here
an office space for Shane
his words of encouragement in an empty room

the man You're transforming him to be
Beowulf on Playaway

thoughts from Pretty Woman
a basket for blankets
hearts in the margins

a rug for the laundry room
pictures on walls
Cindy's hearts in the comments
his mom's safety after falling
tomatoes growing on our plants

pruning shears found (after a year+!)
a fun day with friends for Lanie
puppy kisses from a cutie named Coconut

scoops on a Saturday night
those clouds in that sky

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