Friday, July 25, 2014

Thought stream

Why I sometimes busy my hands pulling weeds than typing thoughts. A momentary glimpse into the thoughts of the week.

  • grasses cut--it's like my version of dusting in hopes that no one notices my house is less than tidy on the inside.
  • scented plugs from Bath and Body Works. Hello apple. 
  • battery charged for big sky photos, last day of VBS.
  • that Pretty Woman moment when you feel all dressed up and fabulous and the enemy speaks shame over you, and seems to delight in it. Still waiting for Richard Gere to bust in on my behalf. Except he doesn't know me, so probably not going to happen.
  • a fluff Bible study that I was reluctant to do that totally ripped off a bandage. It's the quick rip that doesn't hurt at first, but then you're like, "Hey! Ow!" Interjections. 
  • first back-to-school nightmare that the HAS isn't completed for the first week and I don't have any lesson plan and I'm missing a few books for teaching. This is why I'm drinking coffee at 3:30 a.m.
  • gray start, sunny finish, and blackberry cheesecake bars in the fridge. I added a little more vanilla and Lanie noticed. "Make sure you give me this recipe!" she said. She's becoming such a sweet young lady.
  • it's Friday! Happy heart. I love having guests at the table.
  • reading a book on hospitality--probably the last book for fun this summer. Full speed into lesson prep next week. Twelve books, plus vocab and grammar. Never a dull moment.
  • read a friend's announcement of her mother's death. She held her in her arms. I remember baking cookies at their house in eighth grade. Caitlin and I eating dough off our fingers. Her mom said not to worry, the germs cook off. I've always remembered that.

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