Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August days

Yesterday, we hosted a swim for some of Erin's friends.


the kids

the moms

There was a constant chatter of children.

Splash, followed by splash and splash.

the splash

Several times the captain's bell sounded. This is music to me.

Last night, coffee with Julie at a local bakery. We sat on sofas that nearly swallowed us up. Time went too fast.

Today, an early start. Exercised with Sandy. Relayed that spring story of grace to her, watched her eyes water with tears. Tenderhearted. She noticed the little bottles with flowers. And I loved her for that.

Vivi came to play with Erin. When she left, I settled into the napping couch, lulled to a delicious sleep by the sound of the air conditioning humming.

Later, I sat outside and listened to the woods sounds. Watched a hawk circle overhead. Circling, circling. Silent. A woodpecker knocked somewhere. Other birds chattered. I watched leaves waving in the wind and listened to their clapping, so soft and distant.

My hands were warmed against the slate after morning sun.

I don't know how long I sat there. There was no hurry to leave, as August days should be.

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