Saturday, August 2, 2014

In a year

In the past year, measured by Augusts:

replaced garage doors
before and after--I love this photo

painted an office space
created a fire pile

Erin learned to ride a two wheeler

we completed another homeschool year (first and fifth grades)

hung up some pictures in the bedroom

made new friends in Teena, Claudia, Sandy and Jennifer
cut back on playdates and focused more on family and balance
had lunch with my dad and girls

learned grace through spackle (laundry room) and infusion (the hug)
replaced/repaired a washing machine, a woodstove insert, a dishwasher pump
celebrated birthdays: mine, Lanie's, Erin's, Shane's (his is not pictured)

sled down hills in snow

put in an electric fence
watched fireworks from our field

we've had sleepovers
holiday dinners


got a napping couch
gifted by friends, my favorite seat in my favorite room
 and (quite possibly) took more photos of this wonderland than I did of my own children

The first two years here were pretty physical and task oriented. And while there's still more to do, we seemed to take a bit of a breather this past year. As much as was possible, anyway.

(And I'm ok with that.)

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