Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little things

I had coffee with a neighbor and her mom yesterday. She brewed a pot of blueberry coffee, and it was good. She served up peach cobbler and chocolate pie. We talked about summer and pickling and the little details in life. On different levels, we are both wishing a school year could hold back and that summer would stretch out longer. She works in the public schools. I teach at a co-op and homeschool. (Though I have a lot more peace about the upcoming year since I didn't overbook our summer days.)

I sunned on the tractor yesterday afternoon, cutting the field and around the house. It was Friday, and it's my way of "dusting" for company. I baked up zucchini cinnamon bread and made tacos--a double batch to feed a friend's family and my own. I arranged for her daughter to come spend the night.

We went to drop off the meal and pick up Lanie's friend. The mom mentioned their study plans for the evening had been canceled, and I wish I had listened to the little voice that suggested earlier that I just invite them to over to eat tacos at our house.

"How about you just pack all this stuff up and bring it back to my house?" I offered.

And that's what we did.

What was funny to me was that the portion that I had fixed for my group ended up feeding us all, so my friend could take back what I fixed for her and have food for the weekend. God multiplies things like that.

We ate outside. We heard geese honking overhead. The crickets called out loudly, and it reminded me of the first August I stepped foot on this property--how the night sounds made my ears ring nearly the whole ride back home.

Linda joined us at the table. She gifted me a pasta bowl, and the cutest little turkey salt-and-pepper shakers.

"For Thanksgiving," she said. Because that's my gig.

The kids' feet were bare and dirty. They played hide and seek, rang the bell, scootered and hoppity-hopped all around. Erin wanted to catch lightning bugs. Kam walked around with a stick in his hands and seemed up for an adventure every step of the way. Lanie and Jiliann gave each other a run around. Haleigh sat with us and read a book. I grabbed a couple of blankets from the (very awesome Home Goods find) basket and brought them outside. We sat in the growing darkness draped in blankets my dad had crocheted when my girls were babies, and talked and listened to the woods--the owls, crickets and locusts. A big moon lit the sky. My dog ran around wagging and inhaling shredded cheese that had fallen off tacos.

They left after dark, and upstairs Jiliann and Lanie settled in, giggling and talking. Erin was fast asleep in her bed. And because I'm a goof this way, I went to bed anticipating the morning's cup of coffee.

the Bunn

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