Monday, August 4, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5866-5895)

a mini coffee maker tucked away in a cabinet
the last few swallows of coffee in the mug when I thought it was empty
another day
words to the lie so I don't have to believe it
Psalm 62

fluff study turned fierce
Sandy and Claudia
thoughts on worth
a napping couch
my girls giggling upstairs past bedtime

Linda at the table
yummy grilled squashes in a pasta dinner

zucchini and cinnamon chip bread
a reciprocated playdate
how our kids got along
good coffee in her living room

how calming the natural light was
her garden gifts to us in parting, of green peppers and tomatoes
gifted peppers and tomatoes

Linda's kind words
how these three years have changed our lives and hearts
the difference here makes

Jackie and the six-hour playdate
how good a friend she is that time flies
a sandwich to share
my girls fixing a lunch for Viviana
hospitality that reaches into the next generation

Vouvray at dinner, bottled in 2011
David's 80th birthday
brunch at his home
time with them
almost three years here

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