Friday, August 15, 2014

Queen Mary and the GLS

This is my third year attending the Global Leadership Summit.

I don't remember too much from the first year, but I'm sure I would if I looked at my notes.

Last year I was completely undone and won over by Brene Brown, her thoughts on shame, suffering, exclusion. (So thankful I was in nearly a private room instead of the large center when I heard her talk. I was on the cusp of losing composure. Saw a friend outside when we broke for lunch, and could hardly speak. Went home shaken cried. So thankful for honest talks.)

This year was also informative and moving, but on a different level. I loved Bill Hybels' opening talk and how he spoke of a woman who tried to rowboat to Ireland (or someplace. That wasn't nearly the point.) Along the way, she had been battered and beaten by weather; she sent out a call for help. A giant of a ship showed up with provisions and encouragement for her--this woman in her little boat on a big ocean. The name of the ship was the Queen Mary.

My friend Reggie was in the audience yesterday. I sat with her for the first part. Turned to her at the break and said, managing to keep my composure, though my eyes filled briefly with tears, "I thought of you when Bill talked about that woman on the ocean. You are my Queen Mary. When we moved here, I was so overwhelmed by all that had to be done. I will never forget how you went out in the garden and pulled weeds with me that day. You just showed up and helped me."

She got teary too.

Today, she sought me out and said, "I was thinking about what you said last night. Do you know my name is Mary Regina? Regina means queen."

God, you are a delightful mystery. I love you, Lord, like crazy. You weave rich meaning into everything.

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