Tuesday, August 5, 2014

T minus 17 years

Once I asked Shane, "How long do you think we'll live here? Ten years? Longer?"

"Twenty years?" he wondered.

If I had known we'd be at the other house for ten years, it would have reframed how I spent my time. I probably would have painted the office way before we decided to list the house for sale. As it was, we lived as though we had all the time in the world. Until we didn't, and then we prepped to move.

When we got here, we hit the ground running (and swinging, and demolishing, and painting, and, and, and). We didn't want to wait until we were listing again to accomplish the things we'd like to enjoy sooner. It's not that I'm into decorating (far from it--more like an idea borrower), or ever felt like I was a DIY-er (this is born of circumstance), or extreme gardener. It's just where we are. We wanted a change. And we got one.

Celebrating three years here.

Or as Shane once joked: seventeen years to go.

This move brought us closer in proximity to people we love like family: David, Anita, Linda. They are all just minutes away. It brought us closer to church, allowing me to serve in a different capacity than I could before, and attend events there without adding an hour's commute. It even brought us to a co-op, minutes from our door. I think of all the new friends, and memories, we've made as a result of being here.

I've taken thousands of photos here. The ones above are packed with love and meaning:

  • Linda kicking back at the pool, and saying, "This is the life." We thought it was so funny. When I saw this sign, I got it to remember.
  • A former kitchen table repurposed to school room chalkboard table. 
  • Hydrangeas from Reggie's garden at a 66 Books cookout--the first here.
  • A hot-air balloon sighting. Something I thought I'd never see in woods life.
  • The do-rag.
  • Erin learning to ride a bike.
  • The kids picking berries in the field our first full summer here.
  • Snake stompers. Game changer.
  • Joel's kitchen table, given to us. After reading Table Life, it's possibly one of the richest seats in the house. My heart swells when I think of the people we've hosted around that table for coffee, meals, play dates.
  • Walls painted. And a dog of our own. 
  • Landscape. Later transformed by David.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • The captain's bell. A hidden housewarming surprise.
  • Shane and Lanie walking through the leaves before this place was ever ours. That was the October visit that led to a November contract on the house.

I think of the little details that awaited us. All the songs that played as the score of a journey. The scriptures that fed (shaped and sustained) us. And the secret hopes in this heart, fulfilled: the captain's bell; the hot-air balloon; studs and floors to inscribe; a view of fireworks from the back yard.

Our lives, in many respects, look nothing like they did just three-years-and-one-day ago, though the change started in our hearts before then.

Happy three, house of ours. (Thanks, God!) While I can't exactly number the days we'll be here, I hope to make them count.

On, on.

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