Saturday, August 30, 2014


I got my hair cut today. Drove to that place that's a three-hour round trip to get the style reset by my favorite stylist as I search for someone local. I felt an urging to take my camera with me. I'm glad I listened to it. When I walked into the salon, a wedding party was getting made up. I asked my friend if he'd mind if I took some photos. He was happy to let me. He said he wants to take photos but either doesn't have an extra hand for it or a camera.

I snapped almost eighty pictures. I left with a new do, and a great feeling to have helped him out. I'm always amazed at God's nudges.

Came home to Shane's update: the kids made their own lunches--Erin decided to make a Cheetos sandwich.

"Eew," I said.

"You're going to have to have lunch decided for them before you go places," he told me. "Erin can't make these sandwiches."

Later, I got near him and smelled onions.

"Did you eat an onion for lunch?" I asked. (He had a hamburger, loaded with onion.)

At church, the onion breath, despite his brushing and mouthwash, wafted in my direction. Ugh. I scootched over closer to my friend Julie. The music was unusually loud at service. I plugged my ears during half a song. When I unplugged, they were ringing and sensitive. I went out to the lobby to get ear plugs. Walked back in to finish up the first worship.

Shane tried to whisper something to me but someone on stage started to talk, so he stopped.

Later, during the sermon, I showed him the ear plugs in my hands.

We got up afterwards for worship and I put the plugs in. Shane leaned over to me to tell me something, I pulled a plug out. He laughed.

"When you went to get those, I thought you were going out to get me a mint!" he said.

I don't know why I thought that was so funny. I wished I had thought of it! I would have gotten him two. 

Boo onions.

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