Friday, August 22, 2014

Wisdom teeth

I'm suckered into the next cup by its name: Lake and Lodge. I have no idea if it's a man flavor or if it carries hints of wilderness, but I'm captivated by the name. Sounds like a vacation. I'm there.

Lanie begins to tell me that she's got wisdom teeth growing on the lowers. Hopefully, she's inherited my big mouth. (Did I ever mention that my dentist once joked about me being in the top one or four percent of women who have mouths big enough for wisdom teeth? He said I could use it as bragging rights. So, there you go.)

Erin taps against her front teeth.

"Are these chewing teeth?" she asks.

"Not so much. Those are the teeth for biting into things. The bigger ones on the side are better for chewing," I say. I push brew on the Bunn. (Oh, love.)

"I'm so glad God knows all about teeth," I start. Yeah, here we go. "He knows that the bigger teeth are best for chewing. He might have been saying, 'I'll put these big teeth on the side because clunky chunky teeth wouldn't look right in the front.'"

Lanie laughs. "Clunky chunky? I don't think he'd say clunky chunky."

"You don't know that," I reply. "I bet he has fun with words."

A spoonful of sugar to Lake and Lodge. And a swirl of half-n-half. It's roasty and lingers.

Good life.

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