Saturday, August 30, 2014


We chatted (online) and it was lovely.

I showed her a house by link and said if I didn't live here, I'd live there.

I showed her pictures I had--the laundry room door; the school room when it was their family room; the napping couch. She liked the paint job on the door grid and the door knobs.

We talked about photographs and I wondered if they took her back in time.

"I think we leave a piece of our hearts behind when we leave," I wrote.

"Me too," she replied. "In the walls."

I told her how I inscribed the walls at our former house when it was being built, and I did it here when we remodeled a room. She told me she also inscribed the walls when they were remodeling here.

I felt such a deep connection to her.

I invited her to come by when she's in town again.

I baked blackberry cheesecake bars for the night's dessert. Lanie helped me.

"I want this recipe in my cookbook," she said. "And Cindy's apple pie one, too."

I got ready for dinner. Cut the grass that afternoon and was covered in dusty grit. Went to clean up before guests arrived. Walked through the rooms and up the stairs and thought about past, present and future. How lives and memories and emotions get woven together. I wondered where her inscriptions were, and smiled.

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