Sunday, September 14, 2014


The last day of the girls' summer vacation. Yeah, a lot of folks started school already (me too--with high school last week), but the lower grades begin tomorrow.

I baked pumpkin streusel breads--one to take in to the office, and one to slice for a lunchbox snack for my kids. I organized the backpacks and got my things together too.

Lanie came to give me a hug and I held her close. Her hair was still damp from a shower and smelled like a fruit salad of strawberry and melon. We hugged for a bit and I said, "You're going into sixth grade tomorrow." I love the young lady she's become; love the change in her heart this year--softer, and full of gratitude, thoughtfulness, and service.

I walked Erin upstairs and she took off to brush her teeth. Doesn't need a mama to look over her shoulder, she thinks. Likes to do things all by herself. Thinks second grade is for little kids. I hugged her close too. She smelled like tomato plants after climbing through the tomato plant maze at a friend's house this afternoon, picking and plucking tomatoes off the vines. We carried home pounds of fresh tomatoes, shared.

"You're going to be in second grade," I said. But she was disappointed she wasn't older. This kid, ready to take on the world. Full of life and life force; she is exuberant and carefree. How she sings and dances when she thinks no one sees her. She wanted to stay up late reading tonight.

"It's a big day tomorrow," I told her. "You'll need to get some good sleep."

It's still a bit early, but they're quieting down. Thoughts of tomorrow and seeing friends and making new friends.

Sixth grade and second grade. It goes so fast.

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