Thursday, September 25, 2014

Homestyle homeschool

Lanie asked me to quiz her on her vocabulary words. I picked the hardest one from the list.


But I said it dramatically and in all caps volume.

She starts to spell it and has a little trouble.

"Do you want to write it down?" I suggested.


She got it wrong. So we did the other ones and came back to it last and when I said the word, I used my over-dramatic pronunciation of it.

She made drama eyes and leaned away. I laughed. She got it right.


Erin is going through a phase of disagreeing with everything I say. She even disagreed about which side was left, and I know she knows better. Sometimes she will not answer questions regarding music notes and other topics. It makes schooling a bit ... challenging.

So I put on my drama voice to read her history test. Some fill in the blank, some T or F, some choose the best answer. When I told her she stood to gain an M&M for every correct answer, she was game. A girl after my own heart.

"Can you start doing that for all the questions I get in school?" she asked.

She answered loudly and clearly and enthusiastically and earned herself 14 M&Ms. I'd say we're off to a good start.


Erin loved the way a neighbor's house smelled, so the next that I saw her I asked what plug-in she used. She gets oils and warms them. I kept it in mind for someday.

Sometime later, my neighbor called me up to come over to her house. When I got there, she had gone out and purchased an oil warmer like hers (brass and iron), and a bottle of Satsuma from The Body Shop. It always reminds us of her when we use it in the living room (and it's a cheery antidote for wet dog smells).

I got an additional warmer in soapstone and put it in the school room. Today I have both going with the most delightful citrus scent. And while I love being home on rainy days, it's equally wonderful having a happy scent for us all to enjoy, and the underlying love of a friend filling my house.

I've read citrus smells arouse happiness in hearts, making it perfect for at-home school days.


Up early to write. Funny how I was drinking a cup of maple flavored coffee, and its aroma was working at my subconscious. Coupled with gray skies and pattering rain, I found myself craving pancakes. So I made them for breakfast (btw, delightfully light pancakes; Lanie agreed this one is a keeper.).

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