Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The back-to-school load is intense--and not just the workload, but the actual transportation of all the materials: history book, binder, lit book, planner, pencils and markers, a box for treasure, grammar/Latin/vocabulary, notes, and at times, a laptop. That's just me. I was struggling to affix these things against my body as I limped my way across the parking lot and up the stairs. Had gone out to get a rolling crate with the family. Shane convinces me that a suitcase would be better. Then we notice a lovely executive bag with pull, but it was too small for my laptop.

"Let's try a different store," he suggested. Similar story, and the bag that was available was a hefty double price we don't want to pay. Seriously, I'm not trying to impress anyone here. I just want something to cart my stuff around.

I left with nothing and was sorry I hadn't gotten the little rolling crate at the first place. I think it was twenty bucks.

A friend commented on my load and I told her the story.

She brought me back her rolling crate later that day. She didn't need it this year.



I was so beat yesterday that I didn't get Erica's birthday cookies baked. I was up at 3:30 a.m. today, reviewing notes and outlining work, building a history test for next week, treasure hunting in "Confessions" ... and baking cookies.

Erica couldn't meet today for me to give her cookies. I packed a lunch for myself, and one for my friend Jen. She has been a huge help to me in getting the class put together. I wanted to treat her for being so awesome. Got the fat cucumber kosher pickles at a deli. Built her a tasty bagel sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple, the pickle, a bottle of water, and two delicious white chip and chocolate chip cookies. Put it all in a big brown bag and folded and secured it with a clothes pin.

At lunch I got the news her son was sick. She wouldn't be in, and I had already eaten my lunch during math study hall with Erin.

A mom entered the cafeteria, which was cleared out for recess. Her kids were outside, and her lunch was nowhere to be found. And I found myself saying, "I have an extra lunch."

I handed her the bag and she took out each item. The pickles smelled so wonderful, and she smiled at the sandwich wrapped in wax paper and bagged in a sandwich bag. She placed each item tenderly on the table top and pulled out her phone to take a picture.

"Look how God provides!" she exclaimed. "I will call this 'God's Provision'."

It's probably on her Instagram of FB somewhere.

I just wondered at the unfolding of events. Who has a bagged lunch freshly prepped and waiting? God does.



A mom reaches into a big brown bag and asked the gathering of us, "Who needs eggs? I have a friend with chickens and all these eggs."

Five dozen.

We got a free dozen.



Getting the kids after school today, I'm heading out and a mom stopped me.

"My van is open with free bread in the back," she said to me.

There was a crate of assorted breads and danishes with a sell-by date of yesterday. We got a package of multi-grain and a package of cinnamon raisin English muffins.




When you supply it, they gather it. You open your hand to feed them, and they are richly satisfied. Psalm 104:28, NLT.

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