Friday, September 19, 2014


Sometimes I think if I had a do-over, I would have gotten a minivan.

Dropped my car off at the shop for some work and got hooked up with a loaner.

"Would a minivan be ok?" the woman asked.

"Um .... YEAH!" I said, with enthusiasm. She looked at me and the four girls behind me and chuckled.

So funny that the vehicle we got was the exact same one my friend has--even the same color. Her kids got in and told us all about its features.

I pulled out of the lot. The kids seemed so far away, like they were on a bus from the rearview mirror.

Suddenly, hashtag lines come to mind: #livinthemomlife, #iluvminivans, #momoffourforaday, #livingthedream.

It was awesome.

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