Friday, October 3, 2014

Another fall

This is our fourth fall here, and I think about it as I watch the leaves coming down. This morning, greeted by a slow but steady trickle of them drifting past. I went outside to sweep the patio, my arms and back still tight from stacking a wood delivery--and more to do today.

We are getting used to the rhythms of life here, and each season is as delightful to me as the last. Shane would disagree. He hates fall and winter. He sees leaf and snow removal. I see hunkering down and hibernating and a house of warmth and light.

I notice the woodland sounds and look for the sunsets through the trees. I listen to the leaves rustle in wind. While life here feels like a compound, I have to say we've been more social now than when we were plopped down in the middle of a community.

Today friends join us for an afternoon date and I'll bake up my sister-in-law's recipe for pumpkin streusel cake. I'll stack more wood. I'll enjoy the the smell of gifted candles. I'll fix dinner for Linda and take a walk with my girls when it gets dark.

Last night, I sat on the couch with a blanket across my legs.

"I could go for a fire!" I said.

Shane looked at me and smiled.

No fire, but soon. I smell last fall's woodsmoke smells seep from the fireplace, and I'm filled with a happiness for all that is.

thank you, Karen

unexpected delivery

a neighbor's gift

yard arms

from Anita
Windows open. Heading out to stack more wood. Looking forward to cooler temperatures and snowy forecasts and holiday meals, to crunchy leaves underfoot and trick-or-treat and a first fire.

Looking forward.

On, on.

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