Monday, October 13, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6111-6139)

wood stacked for the winter
a first fire in the woodstove
a couch on which to enjoy the heat
a homeschool room, my favorite place in the house
fuzzy socks

woods life
 gray skies with silver sunlight breaking through
dinner out with Lisa
a hug at Panera with Kathy
hot tea in a mug at the table with Nicole
rainy days home

Erin playing the piano
home, sweet home
lunch at David and Anita's
PB&J made by a mama
Anita's example

birthday plans for Lanie
her request for baked potato soup
books in the mail
fall in the woods
the crunch and crinkle of leaves underfoot

this place is a sensory wonderland

walnuts in the field
a pumpkin roll
Linda at the table for dinner
seconds of chicken and dumpling soup
snake stompers on my feet

I love the color of the pine needles

laughter with Sandy on my back patio
a compliment from Zach about my photos
yard arms
the difference here makes


Nora said...

I love the colors of your leaves turning!

Courtney said...

Nora, are you a fall person? I've always loved this season, and even more so since we've moved here. (I've even learned to LOVE winter, thanks to the woods and having had a winter baby in Erin!)