Wednesday, October 15, 2014


She loves lemon and requested a lemon cake, so I obliged. It was a workout of a recipe, and totally worth everyone at the table asking for seconds.

She's a delight, and smart, and there's a growth going on in that heart of hers that makes me cherish all the conversations we have. I treasure the times we get for a walk down the street, or the talks in the car during an evening grocery run.

We left school early today because I couldn't fit in all that I had to do and get home and bake a cake and get back to get the kids. So we just cut out about thirty minutes early.

The cake was moist, and lemony, and the icing was sweet and tart.

She told me how the kids in her first class sang happy birthday to her. And throughout the day, she was given little gifts and cards from friends and tutors.

Raining when we got home, and pouring rain when the mail truck pulled up with a delivery. I ran out through the downpour to retrieve the boxes. I hoped it was her gift, and it was (and a coffee delivery too, woo hoo!).

Baked potato soup, her request. And lemon cake.

"My dad really liked lemon," he told Lanie. "He'd love this cake. He also liked lemon pies. You get that from him."

"Mmm, lemon pie sounds good!" she said.

Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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