Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Acorns, leaves, sticks and dirt

I sat outside on the bench my dad made, mild temperatures, leaves all around. Next to me were the JOY letters from a weekend prop, a red plaid blanket, and farther away the yards of burlap. I watched a red-headed woodpecker bounce around an oak tree.

Erin joined me. She held a brush and two ponytails for me to fix her hair. We watched the woodpecker and I held her close to me. We swayed a little. How nice for sunshine and no coats. I still had on wool socks and stomps. I thought about running the tractor over the leaves for one of the final mulchings.

When Tuesdays were always the homework stress days, lately they feel more like a haven. A fire to stoke. Laundry to do. Bathrooms to clean. Wood to stack for an evening's burn. I'm already wishing Wednesday away.

A melancholy mix of thoughts.

I rake up leaves and get the plugs for my ears. A certain snafu and I emailed Shane that I'm at the end of my patience for this and not mulching leaves in 40 degree weather next week. He replied with a picture of what to do.

"I tried that," I said. "I'll get a wrench."

"Now you're thinking like a man," he wrote.

And I laughed. Wrenches and wrenching, the difference here makes.

I love that the tractor is called Simplicity
Hot tea in a mug. Leaves now mulched after having been untouched for weeks as ambiance and props for several photo shoots here.

Tomorrow it rains.

"Lovely are the silent woods, in gray November days ..."


Nora said...

I'm trying not to be jealous of your haven. ;)

Courtney said...

Just remember all the dog hair, spiders, dirt and leaves. And snakes. We have snakes here too. ;)

Home (your word!) is a delight, especially in light of crazy co-op Mondays and Wednesdays, paired with end of quarter grades. Crazy in the making.

We should do coffee soon!