Thursday, November 6, 2014


Drizzly day.

Piano and Christmas music--Carol of the Bells, Let It Snow, Jingle Bells. I sit in a waiting room and enjoy the colorful trees in her yard.

Tea cafe and packages. Bank, craft store, home.

A fire, a hot lunch, chocolate. Butter softening for pumpkin streusel cake (times two). Dinner idea scrapped for pizza--note to self, pay attention to chicken sell by/use by dates. A grocery list to work on. Homework to do.

Peace and calm after an emotional Wednesday. Her honest talks and the reality behind the facade. This very broken world. Grateful she comes to me. I love Thursdays. Starting a second fire soon. There is no place like home.

What will my kids remember of these days? Loom bands and Beanie Boos at a craft store. Lanie's "I forgot you take a long time making decisions!" as I held two yarns in hand for a knitting lesson. A yes to extra candy after lunch. A living canvas of autumn wonderland. The chimney's smoke of a wood fire mixing with fog.

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