Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knit together

My friend is from Brazil. Her English is punctuated with enthusiasm and expression. She makes me think of peppermint.

Our daughters are in the same class and have become sweet friends too.

One day I noticed Fernanda making a scarf with the biggest knitting needles I'd ever seen. I might have commented that I wanted to learn to knit.

My dad taught me to crochet the only pattern I know (granny square) when I was in ninth or tenth grade. I remember watching Christmas movies in winter, crocheting big squares to become blankets. My dad knits too, and I asked him if he'd teach me and the girls how. Linda later spoke up that she could teach us, though time goes by and sometimes things don't happen.

Fernanda said she'd teach me. I brought a ball of yarn to the skating rink and sat next to her. I'm not one for reading the manual. And even watching video can get a bit lost on me. But there's nothing like having someone bring hands and heart to the scene--that's where learning takes place.

"You just watch because I don't know all the words," she said.

She got me started on a scarf, and we sat there for a good hour knitting. She watched me get a first row done and we chatted about things. She hosts a small group and invited us to be part of it.

"My house isn't fancy," she said. "But I bring my heart to what I do."

I would have cried in a less public space. We speak the same language after all.

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