Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lesson in patience

Shane and I laughed about it yesterday: how the years when we lived in a different county and traveled out to Linda's for a Christmas or other occasion--I'd say, after a drive that seemed to dead-end in nowhere, "Who would ever live out here?!"

Um. We would. (And trust me: I never would have believed it then if you told me!)

Divine humor.

Or when Dad would say to bundle in layers because Linda kept her house cool, that I would remark to Shane our inside temperature reached a record low the other day, beating hers by at least five degrees (until we got the fires going--and then it's like a sunny summer day in here).

Funny how life can offer up changes never imagined.

"Do you think we smell like fire to other people?" Shane asked as he closed the door to the wood stove. I do love a wood smoke smell.

I have learned that it's a worrying effort to toggle back and forth between two hearths to keep a beginning fire going. Yesterday, though it protested against the multi-tasking traits of the age, I decided I would focus on one fire at a time, get it burning and going strong, before I started another. (Not only did the distraction of another fire keep both from really flaming, but I would get distracted by getting another cup of coffee, checking email, starting a load of laundry, or making a bed--now I just sit myself next to the fire and wait.)

An unexpected lesson in patience.

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