Monday, November 24, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6256-6285)

grades completed
one quarter down
ancient on the horizon
medieval love
the help of community on a daughter's sick day

Sage and Lily keeping company so I could teach
talks with Lanie by a fire
her sweet tears to catch
never being alone
skate day

laundry finished
a turkey in the fridge
a focus to run my race
knitting with Fernanda
her words that hit home

reinforcement and reminder: nothing is impossible for God
a song at worship that I'd been singing all week
a scarf for Jennifer
hot coffee
one blue and one orange--friendship mugs of tea with Nicole

nearly a hundred geese honking in a southbound flight
little birds lined up on the wire
sunrise through the woods
the luxurious heat from the woodstove
a cupcake shirt on a friend's little girl

those new stomps
Christmas music played by Lanie and Erin on the piano
Fernanda asking if I'd photograph her family
talking to Denise on the phone
truck beds loaded down with netted Christmas trees

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