Saturday, November 29, 2014

There's no place like home for the holidays

David and Anita came over last night and had Thanksgiving leftovers with us. Anita looked so beautiful, and David warmed my heart right up. We ate in the dining room, and the house was toasty warm from the fires burning. I lit the votive candles, and I wondered if my kids would think about these little details when they looked back on this time.

Anita came with gifts of Oreo double stuffed cookies for the girls, and a homemade cranberry loaf--for breakfast, she said.

We talked about so many things. David and I sat in the dining room after dishes were cleared and he told me about his painting process. I've always known him as an artist. (I'm going by their house soon to pick from his paintings to hang one in the school room.)

Time ticked by and the girls were up past their bedtime and I didn't care. It was wonderful to have them in this house, the feeling of no urgency. They loved on the dog, the kids, and us, like we were there very own.


We traveled out to get the annual ornament yesterday afternoon. Lunch at Wegmans and the mandatory BIG COOKIE, always the highlight (and I ordered Erin's birthday cake while we were there). I headed over to the wine store to grab a few bottles and the clerk packaged them up in a reusable tote--I smiled. (I love the reusable bags.) Shane told me Denise had driven by and rolled down her car window at them in the parking lot, calling out, "Hi Erin!" 

Next we got ornaments. I try to get one that is symbolic of the year. I joked with Shane about the wine bottle ornaments and the yard boot ornaments. And it was funny to us because this year was certainly filled with Friday wine nights and snake stompers. Oh, 2014.

Instead, I got a little plaque of a snowman and the inscription: There's no place like home for the holidays.

We'll set up our tree today, and only because the weeks get away from us. I feel like I could wait a little longer, though.


We are selling our hot tub. We are not hot tub people, at least, I don't think we are. We have never used it. We toyed with the ideas many times, but this place keeps us hopping with enough things that neither Shane nor I could imagine adding one more maintenance item. We drained the tub the first fall.

I took the cover off to make sure it was show ready for a couple who came over to see it. A big spider was on the rim. Why do they look like tarantulas?

There was a small remnant of water in the bottom and I went to the pool shed to get the pump. A black snake blocked the way.

Woods life.

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