Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chill in the weather

Perhaps it's my most ridiculous stand yet, but it's what I'm doing. After receiving the electric company's shame letter that we use 30% more electricity than our neighbors (when they should have been sending us a cookie platter for being their best customers!), I purposed to not have the heat pumps heat the main level of the house if I could help it. We've got three fireplaces here--and I was going to rock my inner Cinderella over them.

A friend came home from a Thanksgiving trip to Disney and texted me the temperature in her home.

"Welcome to my world," I replied.

Her husband exclaimed: what do they keep their thermostat set on?!?

It's not so bad ... most mornings I'm up with Shane and while he's prepping for work, I'm starting fires. The heat they produce is DELIGHTFUL. (And many times there's remnant heat from the evening before.)

The kids come down from their rooms (the upstairs is pleasantly heat-pump heated) to a toasty main level if I have my act together.

Friday, we were out of the house most of the day. I started fires early, but we were out by 9 to a holiday performance in the city, back quickly to try to revive the fires, then out again to pick up holiday cards to mail, and plates, etc. for Erin's birthday party.

The neglect from being out most of the day meant that the house was chilly. A neighbor stopped by with an invitation to their Christmas party. I invited her in.

"Don't judge me on the condition of my house, we've been out all day, and homeschooling is messy," I said. I really wasn't sweating what she thought on a serious level. People will make all kinds of assumptions no matter the condition of the house.

She laughed.

"That's a lot of wood you have out there! Did Shane chop all that?" she asked.

"No, we bought it," I smiled. "We're heating our home by wood this year. Though we've been out all day today, so it's not as warm as it usually is."

(Our usual inside temps can be 75 and above. Sing!)

It didn't feel too bad, though, despite being out all day, and out of curiosity, I glanced at the thermostat. It read 62.

"OH GOSH!" I exclaimed in all caps. "It's 62. I'm acclimating!"

We had a laugh over it. She understands. She heats with wood too.

"I'll call you when I get my house cleaned up so you can come see what it's supposed to look like," I said. I hugged her for her thoughtfulness and consideration to invite us to their party.

The fires took off and the house was full of warmth and light. A pleasant welcome home for Shane.

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