Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I only just started to shop yesterday during a break between school and the electrician's visit. I walked out with a bag that seemed more expensive than it should be. Christy and I looked at the loot spread out on my couch as I portioned items and bagged one for Lanie, one for Erin.

Erin's Christmas list is a phonetic, run-on wish list of treasure. In some places, she cut out pictures from catalogs and pasted them on.

Lanie's list is numbered neatly and double spaced.

I look over Lanie's list. My heart kinda skipped at some of the simple things she asked for. Things like socks, a drawing pad, envelopes and stamps for sending letters, a new hair dryer ... pistachios. A few special toys were listed. I notice the growing distinction between the young lady she's becoming and the little girl she's leaving behind. 

Christmas music plays throughout the house.

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