Monday, December 29, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6394-6459)

a gorgeous foggy morning photo shoot
the heat of a fire

a great year to look back on
medieval great books
high school Bible
graduation emcee
growing friendships with amazing women

chocolates in the office
sweet first graders for grammar
another year homeschooling
skate parties
slumber parties

66 Books, a sixth year, and soon a seventh
pool parties
breakfasts with friends
lunches with friends too
Marshall's Mom

a laundry room painted
and door knobs painted too
paintings from David
his 80th birthday
Anita's heart

lunch with my dad
a great Thanksgiving
a couch for the school room
chatting with Jackie at Panera
Jennifer at Target and her heart

two scarves knitted (one for Lanie, one for Jennifer)
homeschool skate
Linda at the table
and her having us at her table for a spring lunch
two wooden benches

the opportunity to photograph other families
Jim and Judy and holy ground
Erin riding a bike
Lanie in jazz
Erin in piano

and her rendition of Ode to Joy
music in the house
wine on Fridays with friends
a fourth celebration
and fireworks seen from the field

Christmas party invites
gifts for my kids
neighbors who check in on us
the reminder what grace is
and the hug

three years here
home, sweet home
woodland sounds
sunrises and sunsets here
field fragrance

the snows and ice in a year
gifted Valentines from neighbors across the street
Kristine back in town
a talk with Doris
friends in Janet, Kathy, Amy and Julie

a movie day out with my man and kids
being part of the video team at church
Erin, playing camera 4
coconut cream pie, gifted
bread, soup, salad, angel food cake, pie

Teena and her family for a Sunday lunch
David's pictures on the wall
peppermint ice cream to gift away
Janet back on the blog

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