Monday, December 8, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (6303-6321)

a birthday cake from Wegmans

a skate party for Erin

Erin and Abigail

Luana and Erin

skate games

a table full of friends

Shea, Luana, Sage, Lanie, Cara, Abigail, Erin, Marissa

friends who join in on the fun
Hope and Fernanda

Me and Kellie

With Lisa

a frustrating event/stand-up that made me think hard on wholeheartedness
friends who know reliable electricians
heat in the woodstoves
a Christmas party invitation from a neighbor

It's a Wonderful Life, all black and white, with my husband on a Saturday night
that God hears prayers
a beautiful moon rising through the woods line
foggy days

a pot of yummy soup
wishes through the mail
a friend who inquires about gifts for my kids
a gift certificate thanks
a ride with Sharon to a holiday symphony performance

little girls listening to Nutcracker selections

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