Saturday, January 10, 2015


It never fails. Every time Nicole comes over for coffee on Saturdays, Erin appears with a list of demands and she won't back down.

"Can I have a snack?"

"Can I play my DS?"

"Can I go on the computer?"

"Can I make a video?" (Usually with my phone, but she got her own camera for Christmas and it takes video.)

Today was no exception, despite me saying before I left to drop Lanie off, "You don't need a snack when Nicole comes over. You just had breakfast. In fact you still have some left in your bowl."

Sometimes I give in to her demands--I did often in the beginning until I caught on to her scheme. Then I started saying no sometimes. She just persisted.

I came home to brew coffee for us, and I was putting away some miscellaneous things from the store that I didn't get during the big shop (capers, crackers, pretzels, chives). Erin showed up on queue. I opened a bag of pretzel rods and put some in a dish for her without saying a word.

Later, she came at me with this, "Can I make a video?"


"Why not?"

I gave her wide Mommy eyes that were meant to imply don't make this an issue.

"Our Monday/Wednesday/sometimes Friday agreement?" I reminded her.

She is undaunted. I picked her up and told her she was rotten and tickled her.

Within the hour, she reappeared with a handmade sign that read "Can I watch TV? Can I watch a movie?"

I nodded yes. This only happens when Nicole is over (or I'm on the phone with Christy).

I feel so manipulated.

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