Monday, January 26, 2015

And still counting (6541-6564)

snowy days
early closure
bread in the cabinet
mini marshmallows

Snow on the trees

beef stew
soup on the stove
my bread machine
homemade herb bread
leg warmers

an easy Friday night
party invitations for Erin
moms to chat poolside while the kids swam
a new scarf to knit
days at home

that Hebrews verse--my favorite
an unexpected visit from Dad and Linda
a blanket he knitted, gifted
My dad made this. My favorite color--gray.

and talk of another in the works--for me
a God that never ceases to amaze me

Lego Friends on a Sunday afternoon
tulips in a pitcher on the counter
Tulips, because spring is not far away

yellow blossoms from a friend
a Monday surprise

friends who love

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