Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday in the woods

This afternoon I went woods walking with Erin.

looking up, you'd hardly notice the chill, it's so beautiful
Tallest trees. I love the woods.

Of my two, she's the most eager to boot up and get cold. Lanie's more of a book-by-the-fire kind of girl.

 She was helping me scout locations for a photo shoot next weekend.

She walked and chatted. Rosy cheeks. Little voice.


We saw all kinds of animal prints. Suspected rabbits and foxes. We found a hidey hole in the woods with foot traffic all around.

new den

The other morning, the girls pointed out two foxes running through the field into the woods. They were beautiful. Sometimes I wish days could be twice as long, so I could sit by the window or go walking with my camera and take pictures. (And also have time to sit by the fire and read books with Lanie!)

I'll probably take Erin out with me tomorrow and find new areas. I'm sure she'll want to bring her camera too.

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