Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good guy

It snowed after he left for work. I was home with the kids, stoking fires, fixing lunches, schooling, laundry--the usual Tuesday show. Erin went out at times to play in the snow. We had hot chocolate (with snowman Peeps from Miss Christy!).

Shane came home, changed, and went back out to shovel and plow. At one point I saw him cleaning off my car. He came in and looked older and cold and tired. He sat by the fire while I heated up the soup and sliced up cornbread.

After dinner, he went to clean up.

"Take the night off," I said. "I'll clean up. You have done so much--out there in the cold. Cleaning off my car. You are such a good guy."

"I even fixed your windshield wipers," he said.

Quizzical pause in my mind.

"After I broke them," he finished.

I laughed.

"I figured you'd need them tomorrow."

Luckily, we didn't. An area 2-hour delay meant no school for us. Serious insertion of happy dance. We love homeschooling, because of the at-home days. Co-op has its benefits, but there's no place like home. 


Nora said...

We got a snow day too. THE BEST!!!

Courtney said...

Snow days ARE the best! And rumors of more on Monday and Wednesday next week? Don't pinch me.