Sunday, January 4, 2015

My list vs the life that happens

I had a mental list of things I wanted to accomplish over our break.

  • Paint master bathroom
  • Stain wine crate
  • Do Pinterest cork craft
  • Spend a week lesson-planning for January and February
  • Read a book on motherhood

I didn't get any of it done. And just one. last. day before back to school, I wish for supernatural slowing of time to get something done. I wondered where all the time went?

But then I started thinking of the things I did get to do, and I was productive. Just not in the ways I planned.

  • I had meaningful visits with David, Nora, Beckie, and Anita 
  • worked video camera for two Christmas services and a weekend service
  • went out to lunch with Julie on her birthday and did a newborn photoshoot for her
  • photographed another family just before Christmas and they went out and printed the images for family gifts later that day
  • spent a day with Denise
  • went out with my family of four to see a movie ("Into the Woods"--loved it!)
  • had four extra days with my man at home
  • got a calendar prepared for 2015's reading list on 66 Books and launched a new year
  • cleaned the house and did laundry
  • we had Teena and her family over for lunch and pie 
  • got to watch a movie with my husband and we stayed up late (haha, so funny to me)
  • got to see Christy and hang out with her for a few hours
  • got to visit with a sweet neighbor and exchange gifts with her while Erin cuddled her dog 
  • Erin and I gifted cookie bags to other neighbors and one texted me later with a message I will treasure
Oh, the short-sighted vision of a to-do list in light of things that have a lasting value.

Today, we packed up the tree. I handed Shane the manger set and sang the little song that I'd heard repeatedly since it came out.

"One day, they won't be here to play that song," he said. Because, what--I didn't cry enough yesterday at church when they talked about the vapor brevity of time, and he and I had JUST had a conversation about the in-home years of influence we have left on the girls? And then they sang this song?

100 Years

People: stop this! 

Thinking on the brevity of time ... numbering days ...  investments of time and in people ... Camera 4.

And just because I like to check things off, I cut up all the corks I had for that craft project

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