Monday, January 5, 2015

One thousand gifts and still counting (6460-6486)

Shane was outside the other day chopping up some wood we had stacked the other year. While he was doing that, I had the sweet luxury of taking a morning nap on the couch--but a part of me was a little jealous I wasn't out there chopping with him.

a morning nap on the couch
the selfie hat
week 1

and a 52-week lesson in creativity
big boxes of salad
wine at night with my man
a warm house

a gifted blanket from Denise
wood chopped
talks with Shane
and perspective
success in the lens of failure

a photoshoot for Lisa
and a potential one with a friend's beautiful parents
a morning chat with Nora at Panera
learning on perseverance and reliance

meatballs and spaghetti
ice cream after the kids go to bed
fleece-lined leggings
foggy mornings
flocks of birds in synchronized flight

for a marriage that is going on sixteen years strong
and a friendship that is even longer
wine corks that represent many shared meals with family and friends
a reading schedule up for a new year
new and returning writers on the blog

66 Books

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