Monday, January 12, 2015

One thousand gifts and still counting (6487-6516)

the bracelet Nathan made for me at play date
extension cords for the hair dryer
the generosity of strangers, and many anonymously, to help a good friend's good friend

coconut lavender lotion (makes my feet sing with happiness)
Shane's socks
smoke rising from the chimney stacks
a holiday scented candle burning on the mantel
a fleece blanket on the bed

white eye shadow sticks
an organized and clean laundry room
smudge-free hardwood floors 
snow days home from co-op
a story on King Arthur

the blanket Denise gave me for Christmas
castle projects at school
a gift card discovered
Satsuma in the house

a hat and gloves
my dog
a potholder gifted to me by Ivette
blondies with toffee
how Nathan got the giggles

a February date on the calendar
camera 3
this song, and getting to sing it at two different services
an awesome husband
singing on this side of freedom

whatever that dark chocolate salted yumminess was

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