Monday, January 19, 2015

One thousand gifts and still counting (6517-6540)

for a movie on castles and dungeons
food in the fridge
lotion for these poor feet
good naps on the couch

two tables together in an unexpectedly packed restaurant
matching bows on her little girls
gifted bags in return when we gifted her
a visit with Marshall's Mom
a great turnout at homeschool skate

Lisa's daughter sitting for us so we could catch a movie
future talks with Nicole
plans on the calendar for a mom's night with Lisa
Louis Zamperini's story
Jiliann over for dinner and sleepover

Wegman's caramelized onion and bacon pizza
Burnin' love burgers with my family
and dessert
kids ready for bed
the beauty of these years

remembering the journey and the miracle of here
how Teena's house embraces
her smile
our friendship
hair color in the mail

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