Sunday, January 18, 2015


Shane and I went out to a movie without kids for the first time in twelve years.

We saw "Unbroken."

I knew I'd be a wreck over the film, but I didn't anticipate the weight of these parts: his brother's encouraging words to him, believing in him; and words at the end that spoke of trauma and nightmares that must have haunted him worse than the terrible pains inflicted upon him. Because you can forget how a pain feels, but a nightmare can bring a prison back in full color, unexpectedly--stirring up things one hopes to be forgiven and forgotten.

We had a busy pace this weekend of go-go-and-go and it was all good. Loved the love that fills our lives: lunch and hugs with Marshall's Mom; Linda at the table Friday night; Nicole for coffee; Lisa's hugs; her kids' smiles and laughter in my home; Jiliann overnight; a full day of happiness; hugs with Teena; and an unplanned dinner out.

That's burnin' love right there.

We got home, full and tired. This heart, tender. I stumbled across an old post, and laughed as I read aloud to Shane the "hate" and "hate". I looked at the pictures, and I electronically flipped through images, and looked lovingly at our dog today, and lovingly at that man of mine stoking a fire and said, "I still love it here."

I still love it here.

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