Monday, February 2, 2015

And still counting (6565-6597)

the red cardinals against a snowy backdrop
woods walking with Erin
neighbors with tree stands
popcorn with butter and salt
camera 2
a chocolate cake favorite

a gifted blender from a neighbor
red tulips, for us and for her
pine lined drives
women who pray around a table
a thermos for a photo prop

chocolate in the freezer
phone calls with David
phone calls with Anita
no doubt of their love
his paintings on my walls

warm fires
gloves and hats
dinner with Christy
window shopping with her afterwards
a date for Shane and Erin

good words with Teena
seven dozen fire starters
Nicole for coffee
a sermon with Hebrews 12
a scarf to knit for Erin

hugs from Lanie
seeing friends at church
quiet Fridays
a Saturday nap
that man of mine

everything, here
a request to lead

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